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This very unique book is a WW2 reproduction scrapbook with hundreds of old photographs, maps, telegrams, newspaper clippings, hand-typed notes and letters; not to mention, medals, pins, buttons and treasures from the era... and all recounting the "before and after" of one of America's most tragic days. Its captivating design engages the reader to gain a well-rounded picture of what life was like at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii before, during and after December 7, 1941. Each overflowing detailed scrapbook-style page offers a unique hands-on exploration of this well-known story. "My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941. A Nostalgic Collection of Memories" in its unique style of history-telling invites the reader to re-discover one of America's most tragic days. The foreword is written by Daniel Martinez, Chief Historian of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor. Recommended for age 10 and up.
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